End of the Mike’s Walk: Welcoming Party!
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Nov 12th, 2017

End of the Mike’s Walk: Welcoming Party!

This weekend from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th, Mike Wester, founder of the Beijinger will try to do something no one’s never done before… visit all CHEERS stores by foot!!!

Celebrate the big CHEERS Mao-venture this Sunday 12th of November at 6pm for a closing party of Mike’s CHEERS store tour! We will be celebrating at our Tianzhijiaozi store in Shuangjing. Everybody is invited, we will be waiting with some bubbly to celebrate

Join the party and enjoy some Baozza! All the money raised from the sales will go to Maovember!

To raise as much as we can, we will also make a donation. For every store that Mike visits we will contribute with 100RMB up to the 20th store, from the 21st store up, we will donate 200 per store.

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