CHEERS Culture
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CHEERS Culture

CHEERS Culture

The CHEERS culture is the brand!

CHEERS is famous for its people! We thrive by being authentic, positive and friendly.

CHEERS members are committed to develop themselves, focus on goals and self-actualization to achieve great success with happiness.

At CHEERS, everyone is expected to be an entrepreneur with a warm heart, a cool head and busy hands.

CHEERS Core Values

How do we want to behave on the way to
reaching our goals?

1. Love to Smile

We surprise the market with incredible promotions, new and trendy products from all over the world, with our most efficient and warm-hearted customer service as well as with our unique, unconventional and fun marketing ideas. We spend time partying in our stores and decorate them with fun. As we love smiling with family and friends, we love to see our customers smile too. We think smiling is a must in our life, at work as much as in private! Our biggest aim is to make everyone involved with CHEERS, smile!

2. Learn and Grow

It is of great importance that our growth is secure, stable and constant as a company and as individuals. We can only grow with CHEERS if every member grows with us. We provide development and training opportunities. We are open to learn, to listen and to improve. We brainstorm together and inspire each other to contribute new ideas. We give feedback and communicate with an open, honest heart. While we grow, we must adapt to market requirements, customer need and external regulations. We must always be flexible and open to change. Achieving our goals will take time and will not be easy. Many challenges await us but we will always find our unique way to deal with every difficulty, with a positive attitude, constant learning and improvement.

3. Rock with the team

At CHEERS we are passionate and maybe a bit extreme. We are a young company with a lot of energetic people in our stores, in the logistic department and in the back office. We work hard every day; our stores are open seven days a week and we regularly participate in various events. CHEERS is a commitment and we welcome the challenge to exceed expectations and go beyond limits. We are proud of our team, what we do and how we do it!

4. Be open minded

We welcome everybody; different, normal and crazy! We do not focus on age, race, educational background, body conditions, sexual orientation, religion, colour or nationality. Being different, unique or outstanding is good! We appreciate those who are confident and open-minded to work with CHEERS and contribute fun ideas which help improve you, the team and the company.

5. Get it done on time

At CHEERS we like people who think out of the box. We look for creative thinkers and doers who can make things happen. We do not want to hear 1’000 excuses why something does not work; we only want to hear the one reason why you can make it possible! Being CHEERS is when you are extraordinary at what you do and make people smile about it!