Terms and conditions
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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. CHEERS VIP Membership Benefits

Dear CHEERS Customers

Become a CHEERS VIP member today to enjoy awesome benefits and get an even bigger CHEERS


Get the VIP Price on all our products (except promotion products)!

Get 25% of birthday discount once a year within 12 items

Get loyalty Points for every purchase and cash big CHEERS Prizes

Get CHEERS monthly Newsletter with special promotions, upcoming events, new products and further more information.

2. CHEERS VIP Terms and Conditions

Membership is open to anyone aged 18 or above. Members may enjoy the VIP price on all CHEERS products, a Birthday Special and CHEERS Points which can be exchanged for selected products and prizes. Membership card is free to sign up with a purchase of a minimum amount of 200 RMB or total consumption of 200RMB. By submitting an application for CHEERS VIP membership, you hereby agree to the following VIP terms and conditions:

  • The VIP price is a discount on the regular price of all products;
  • All members must present a valid membership card to gain discount and special promotion;
  • Membership is non-transferable, lost cards will not be refunded or reissued;
  • The Birthday Special is a 25% discount on the regular price of all products.;
  • The Birthday Special discount is limited to 12 items
  • The Birthday Special discount cannot be cumulated with other promotions of any kind;
  • The VIP Price discount cannot be cumulated with other discounts or promotions of any kind;
  • CHEERS Points are cumulative and each point is given for every 50 RMB of purchase;
  • CHEERS Points can be redeemed for selected products and prizes;
  • CHEERS Points cannot be exchanged for cash;
  • No replacement or change of CHEERS Point prizes is possible;
  • CHEERS may cancel or adjust the VIP price from time to time;
  • CHEERS may cancel the membership if no purchase is registered on the card after a period of three years since the last purchase;
  • CHEERS may change the kind of goods and services redeemable for CHEERS Points.
  • CHEERS management reserves the right to amend or withdraw the privileges, discount, special promotions as well as terms and conditions without any prior notice;
  • CHEERS management reserves the right to cancel or suspend membership at any time if it is suspected that the membership is being abused or operated fraudulently. Fraud or abuse concerning CHEERS Wines membership or
  • Usage of membership benefits is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by CHEERS Wines;
3. CHEERS Return Policy

CHEERS Goods Return and Exchange Policy for CHEERS Customers

At CHEERS, we believe that only the best service is good enough for our customers. This is why we have our CHEERS’s goods return and exchange policies,

You can return unopened bottles for a full refund and exchange products of defective quality within 7 days.

All requests for refunds and exchanges may only be carried out in the same store that the purchase was made. For online purchases or orders by phone, please contact our customer service team on 400 005 5500.

Returns Policy

  • Our products can only be returned with a valid receipt within 7 days after purchase. The receipt will not be reissued
  • Any products for refund MUST be unopened with the original package.
  • Expired products are not eligible for exchange or refund.
  • Products bought at promotion are not eligible for refund.
  • Vouchers are not refundable. Goods paid with a voucher are not eligible for refund.
  • If the purchase has been subject to a VIP discount, the discount will not be refunded
  • The refund will be carried out in the same way as the payment. Credit card or bank transfer payments are subject to a waiting period, applicable commission charges will be deducted from the amount refunded.
  • Refunds for alcoholic products will only be issued for persons above 18 years old.

CHEERS reserve the right to refuse refunds or exchanges. CHEERS is not liable for any damage that has occurred after your purchase.